Saudi Arabia rewrites F1 history with the Jeddah Grand Prix

Saudi Arabia rewrites F1 history with the Jeddah Grand Prix - Fueler store

Saudi Arabia's preparations are entering their final phase to host a race of the 2021 F1 season. And even before any Formula 1 car arrives in the kingdom, the Jeddah Corniche circuit is proving to be a 'masterpiece' to welcome the royal class of motorsport in the best possible way.

Formula 1 Saudi Grand Prix; This name has been circulating for several years now. There have been many rumors and reports about the Kingdom's desire to be in Formula 1, and to confirm this with the announcement of the "Qiddiya" project to build an entertainment city, including a first-class circuit that will be ready in the coming years to host Formula 1 races. However, there was a great desire to accelerate the pace of Saudi Arabia joining the Formula 1 calendar. For this reason it was announced late last year that a street circuit would be built in the city of Jeddah, on the shores of the Red Sea. The announcement ensured the presence of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as one of the 2021 season rounds. This information suffices to know how serious the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is, which seeks to be the home of motorsports in the Middle East. It started by organizing Formula E races, as well as organizing the ancient Dakar Rally, and now the next step has come represented by Formula 1 grand prix.

This comes within the plans of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Vision 2030, the aim of which is to get rid of dependence on oil as a main source of income in the Kingdom, through many economic and development projects, including Formula 1. The Formula 1 Grand Prix is not just an activity or an entertainment and sports event, but will have huge positive consequences and impacts on the Kingdom's economy.

Although the Jeddah Corniche circuit may be just a “temporary solution,” so to speak, until the Kingdom’s preparations are completed in the city of Qiddiya, the organizers have proven their seriousness, and their intention to shine and enter history, with a distinguished circuit in all its aspects. Initially, work is underway to build this circuit in record time. By the time the race takes place at the Jeddah Corniche circuit, it will be only about 12 months since the announcement of Saudi Arabia's entry into the world of Formula 1. After that, the organizers worked on designing the circuit, laying out the infrastructure plans, and then starting the construction process, which will be completed within record time. We may have all seen some reports on social media that this circuit will not be ready on time, but it is just attempts - certainly unsuccessful - to discourage, as it is certain that the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, with all its distinctive equipment that is considered a masterpiece, will be ready by the time Formula 1 Saudi Grand Prix.

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Classified as a street circuit, this one-of-a-kind circuit will be the fastest street circuit on the current championship calendar, and also the longest with 27 turns. Its turns won't be easy either, as there is a mix of different types of turns, which will make finding the perfect tuning very difficult, including the one that everyone has been waiting for: Turn 13, which will be tilted to increase the chances of overtaking and give drivers opportunities to follow different racing lines, and all of that to increase the enthusiasm and excitement during the races! Also, the average speed of Formula 1 cars at the Jeddah Corniche circuit will reach 252 km/h, or these are the expectations at least, which will make it the fastest street circuit in Formula 1. Meaning that drivers will face more challenges: where there is no room for rest, and no room for mistakes,otherwise, metal barriers will be in place to punish drivers.

It will be almost impossible to know who has the advantage on this circuit, between Mercedes and Red Bull in particular, in this fascinating battle for titles this season, given that the Jeddah Corniche circuit has turns of various characteristics, as well as many long straight lines. In theory, it could be Red Bull, because they have the most complete car, but the Mercedes team is not to be underestimated, and it is clear that they have been able to find radical solutions in terms of tuning their car and extracting its maximum potential regardless of the track.

Organizers in Saudi Arabia have made great efforts to promote the Formula 1 race, describing it as the 'biggest sporting event hosted by the Kingdom'. They are inviting F1 fans to buy tickets for the race to be a part of writing history. Which is a correct description because what the Kingdom seeks to do is to prove that the Middle East region has become, at the present time, no less important than the European continent in terms of the presence of Formula 1, and to prove that the races that are organized will be at the highest international standards.

It is also worth noting that the Kingdom is not only promoting the Grand Prix as a sporting event, but there have been many social events since the race was confirmed. There was an art competition, with the selection of winners whose designs will be approved to draw the spaces outside the Jeddah Corniche circuit. Also a new Guinness World Record was set by building the largest model of a Formula 1 car entirely from Lego. And recently announcing a list of the shining International stars who will perform concerts on the sidelines of the Grand Prix.

We are less than 50 days away from the Formula 1 Saudi Grand Prix. It is certain that everyone is waiting for what will happen in the course of this round. And we, as Arab followers of Formula 1, should be proud of these achievements for our region. It is certain that Saudi Arabia is ready to enter the history of Formula 1 through the gate of the Jeddah Corniche Circuit. ...

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